Bitcoin has risk and benefit under recent economic situation.

Bitcoin similar a currency. And more, It is like a market commodity.
Because Bitcoin can exchange other currency. Then it seems worth by many peoples. 
Of course Bitcoin can use only it self for paying. But In case no one accept bitcoin, Bitcoin is no worth.
Anyway, Bitcoin has been trading many peoples. The worth of Bitcoin will  be able to be pricing until no one doesn't use.

Bitcoin has benefit and risk against recent economic situation of US and Japan.
This under following are consideration about only view from investment and risk hedge about economical move.

Low inflation risk.
Simply, Bitcoin is limited until only about 21 million Bitcoins will ever be released (mined).
Us dollar, the world major currency , has been always exposed about inflation risk.
Over time all currencies lose purchasing power at a rate of few percents per year.
Specially in Japan, BOJ has supplied money until 2% raise price-level target.
(FRB has changed into policy for decrease money supply recently.)

Too much volatile. Currently Bitcoin prices are going up like bubble market. 
It has no choice because Bitcoin is limit all amount until 21 million.
It's like a leverage trade about FX trading. 
If you do not have experience and knowledge about FX trading, Bitcoin trading seems to be risky. 
But If you have enough them, you can trade and earn money.
The risk can change into chance if you want.